Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Don't Be Another Sequel

This will be a different kind of post than I usually do. I have just recently 28 Weeks Later. It was enjoyable in the sense that watching zombies and frantic people running are fun. In the end though, it was a big piece of Hollywood shit. I put "Hollywood" in the sentence for a reason. Mind you, I loved the first film, 28 Days Later. It was scary as hell, fun, and it ended well with hope. This one is scary, but it seems to follow more of a Dawn of the Dead ideology that we are fucked and humanity is over.

One major problem with the film was the setting. The director seriously needed a map of London. The film takes place in Canary Warf. The main characters escape the compound in that part of London and head West on the North Bank. Later it shows them crossing the pedestrian bridge in front of St. Paul's from the South Bank to the North. Mind you, that makes no sense. In this sequence of scenes they are to go to Regents Park in a few minutes. I don't know about you, but this is impossible to do on foot. That is over an hour's worth of walking. I was laughing at the absurdity. Next after Regents they have to make it to Wembley. This just takes a few underground stops, and they walk out onto the field. Utter bullocks.

What really makes me mad about this film is that Hollywood will do anthing to make a buck. They will make a franchise out of anything. If they wanted to, they would make a prequel to Romeo and Juliet. It would be about how the fathers of both houses were friends back in the day in Verona until Montague stole Capulet's lady. Then you know they rest of the story. Hell, they would make a sequel to A Tale of Two Cities where Sydney Carton doesn't die, but instead takes out an Uzi and kills Madame Defarge and her cronies and becomes ruler of free France and ends up with Lucie. I could see it being done by Bruckheimer.

So basically in the end, Hollywood will do anything to make a lousy film to ruin a good film's credit or ideas. They will put a franchise to anything with zombies. Also, 28 Weeks Later sucks. Oh here's the ending, the little kid carries the virus, and at the end zombies are seen in shuttering camera work running towards the Eiffel Tower. OOoooo Ahhhhh, fuck off. They should have just left it at 28 Days Later, when there was still hope........for the plot and the film as a whole.

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