Sunday, May 27, 2007

Miss Minogue at her cleverest and most manic

It should come as no surprise, reader, that Monsieur Catalogues and I are enthusiastic heterosexual fans of Kylie Minogue. I mean, Nick Cave is. I like pretty much everything Kylie has ever done, from her dance-pop classics to the haunting collaborations with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Her finest record, to my mind, is her 1997 indie-pop experiment Impossible Princess. She wrote most of the album unaided, and the songwriting help she did receive came from singing Manic James Dean Bradfield; the two of them even duet on "Some Kind of Bliss."

The album spawned the hit single "Did It Again," which is one of my favorite Kylie tunes and certainly my favorite of her videos. I mean, just look at her in all her various incarnations. Watching the video I actually think she might be the ideal woman...or women, as the case may be:

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