Saturday, February 10, 2007

Get It On

We still have a few weeks, but I am just anticipating the Grinderman album like hell. To me, Nick Cave is pretty damn flawless. He has made some of the most interesting and orginal music in the past twenty years. People say Dylan, Cohen, Cocker, Yorke, McCulloh, Murdoch, or Moz for lyrics. All of them fall into my favorite lyricists, but one that just remains really high to me is Cave. They are so diverse. He can be so over the top and bombastic, or he can be very introspective and utterly moving. He is certainly not the world's most universal artist. With people I know, you either get him or don't. I just find when Cave has an upcoming release, it is something to be very excited about. I've just been on a Nick Cave kick lately, so I feel the need to exrpess my utter enjoyment. For now, till Grinderman, I'll enjoy things like this.

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