Thursday, February 8, 2007

The kind of hunter I like

“Shoegaze,” “Space Rock,” and “motorik”: three things that if pulled off correctly are three characteristics of music that usually get me every time. And if these sounds come from your hometown, well then, things are really going well. These rules apply to Atlanta’s very own Deerhunter. Their second album, Cryptograms, is already going to be one of my most listened to albums this year. I will wear this CD out. At the beginning of last summer, a good friend and I went to see the Liars perform at the Drunken Unicorn. It was an odd night to begin with. So I knew seeing the Liars pull of their Drums Not Dead album live will be a sonic experience filled with giant Australians in dresses. Before the Liars came on, we walked through the entrance to the beginning of a five-piece band fronted by a very skinny man (now known to be a birth disorder of his) with vocals that rap up into the music and fade in and out. The second song began, and the drummer started kicking off with a “motorik” beat (popularized by Neu!). It was grooving and hypnotic. The bass player came in with a very minimalist line. Then, on top of that the two guitarists crept in with guitar riffs delayed out beyond words. It was damn amazing. I usually don’t excited over bands that I haven’t heard before and seeing live for the first time, especially if they are local. But damn! I was moved by these guys. Their album brings those images and sounds back to mind. It is utterly hypnotic and beautiful. I urge anyone to get this album and support these guys, and please, please go see them live. It is quite something.

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