Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tip The Hunter

Chainestereo, the French say it like" Shin- stereo." That first, must be made cleared. It means boombox. These fellow Atlanta/Athens/Gainesville boys are definitely playing with some heart and soul. A fine live show, in the old skool days, babies were birthed, vocoders, Steven Segal admiration, and once, even live nunchucks happened on stage or in the area. They play indie pop music, to best be described. Influences from the Pixies to the Animal Collective, they are bringing one's ears to a time when it is just about the music. No ultra cool here, even though they are. They recently have put out their second EP, Magnetic South. Songs sung from both of the two lead men, Nathaniel Higgins and Philip Frobos. Higgins sings with a sigh and despondent voice, which makes quite the effect, especially on the title track and their universally loved (by fans) "Appomattox." Yet, when he hits these cetain moments, especially on "Appomattox" during the chorus, he lets go and the heart sours. When Higgins sings "I'm waiting for my Appomattox....," you can't help but throw your arms up and shout it. You can certainly feel the longing when they sing "Empty bones is all I got/ Especially all alone/And whenever you come back/ I feel like I'm at home." Frobos on the other hand, sings with swagger. Songs like "Before I go to Sleep" and "Chance Wedding" reflect this. At moments, it is almost reminiscent of moments heard on the first Coral album. Of course, every once in a while, a band has to let loose. They certainly do on "Ducky" (a pleasure live). Matt Lampert comes in a with a very catchy keyboard tune backed by Chris Adams's pounding drums. It is ends with endless shouting, kinda like things you might here on Animal Collective's Here Comes the Indian. These boys know one thing for sure, how to write a catchy tune. These songs will stick around in your head, certain moments will take your soul to new levels.

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