Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Is It Love? No not love.

You know there is always some music writer who makes some list of the top songs or albums to play while doing tha dirty dirty. It is always some R&B stuff or the "Whisper Song." But this is all besides the point. I am trying to think of the albums/songs that give you that feeling of just feeling in love or just utterly sensually moved as cheesy as it sounds. You know the kind, When I really think about it, every time I listen to Tricky's Maxinquaye it gives me that warm feeling one might get. I guess, every listen always makes me happy. Maybe that's what I'm trying to get to. The top albums that every listen no matter what situation is makes you feel extemely good. I know it is, for a fact, impossible to listen to Kraftwerk's "Pocket Calculator" feeling sad, especially the live version. I hate the phrase "feel good." Yet, that is what this song does or that Tricky album, even as dark as it is. The one song, "Suffocated Love," makes me feel wonderful. It is hard thing to do, I'd imagine. I know the artist doesn't plan on creating that kind of song unless they are the people who did that "Steal My Sunshine" song, which actually makes me depressed when I hear it. What is it in the human mind that makes one react to something like Kraftwerk and always feel wonderful? I think when I listen to Dub I am always in a great mood. There is something is Dub that just really gets to me, especially at night and even more so while driving. Two songs in particular do it to me: Sister Nancy's "Bam Bam" and Willie Williams's "Armagideon Time." These songs, I think, are so good. They just have so much texture. The vocal inflections are amazing. "Bam Bam" is my most listened to song on my Itunes along with "Mogadishu" by Baader Meinhof which is another prime example of song that is so cool and makes me feel so. What does this say about me? "Mogadishu," "Armagideon Time," and Tricky make me feel good? These are songs and artists that are associated with dark subject matter or textures. Not dark in the Joy Division sense of course. But these song evoke rainy images. Maybe this whole post was a complete wank with words and subject matter, oh well. I don't know how to even to describe this list, but here it is.

(List Title) No Order
1. Baader Meinhof- "Mogadishu
2. Willie Williams- "Armagideon Time"
3. Sister Nancy- "Bam Bam"
4. Tricky- "Suffocated Love"
5. The Passengers- "Theme From Let's Go Native"
6. Kraftwerk- "Pocket Calculator" (live)
7. Belle and Sebastian- "Lazy Line Painter Jane"
8. Panda Bear- "Bros"
9. LCD Soundsystem- "Yr City's A Sucker"
10. U2- Even Better Than The Real Thing

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