Thursday, April 26, 2007

Man, this is that side of North Central London I Never Run Into

So there is this guy named Plan B. He is supposed to be the next Mike Skinner according to the NME. His album came out last year I think. He is ok. Believe me, he is not creating any Orginal Pirate Material. Apparently he has this mixtape out with a bunch of samples from noteworthy rock groups and artists such as Radiohead and Leonard Cohen. In the mixtape, the one song that I am obessed with samples Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne." Mind you, this is such an amazing Hip Hop track. The lyrics are totally ace. The lyrics are as if Damon Albarn and Nick Cave got together and did a hip hop flow. It is about a terrible murder in Camdentown. Now, I haven't been to Camden for some odd reason. I have been on the edge of it walking up Primrose HIll, but I have not been in the heart of it all like where the Good Mixer is. Mr. Peacock has failed on taking me there, but hey, it isn't totally his fault. I lived in Marylebone for over a month and I still didn't manage to make it over to that neighborhood, and it is across the park. Innit weird? I was everywhere but there, well not everywhere. I wasn't in South LDN, but boy do I wish I was after knowing about Dubstep since I was there last year and that is when it all exploded. I do regret a few things: not going to Camden, not going to the Notting Hill Arts Club for any of the nights like Death Disco or YOYOYO, not going to Fabric, and finally not knowing about Dubsetp. This is all besides the point. Plan B has made this utterly eerie song about this grotesque murder that sends chills up the spine like the scene in Seven when that dude who ate his own tongue starts moving about and makes you literally shit yourself. So here it is people: Plan B's "Suzanne"

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