Thursday, April 26, 2007

Is It Love? This is Love.

Now, I apologize for that scatterbrained post below. It was late at night. I felt like I had to do something and I was listening to Tricky at the time, so that's what you get. But now, for a true love affair. I swear if I had one wish to be with one woman in the entire world I think it would definitely be Juanita Stein. Miss Stein is leader singer of The Howling Bells who made the number 1 spot on the Catalogues' 2006 End of the Year list. Now, I know she is a very very attractive woman physically, but there is so much more to this amazing Aussie. One, The Howling Bells are the best new bands around, period. They are of the same ranks as The Go! Team, LCD Soundsystem, The Arcade Fire and Interpol. Best new artists are Burial, Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse, and MIA, but.....that is another post. The Howling Bells are making the kind of music that I was waiting for someone to do. Joel (Juanita's brother) is one of my favorite guitarists in recent memory. He creates a wonderful soft texture under Juanita's rhythm guitar. The Howling Bells also have the ideal image going on. You can look at all these trendy bands in super tight jeans or someone in new NIke kicks (personally guilty of that one), but these guys are in a league of their own in terms of coolness. I am not huge on a the cool factor with bands because James Murphy is not your stereotypical hipster which makes him a hip cool guy. Again though, The Bells have created a wonderful Outback/ Western/ Southern Gothic image that just gets my blood flowing. The drummer looks so damn cool. He's got the cowboy hat going and is really tall (sticks out). Joel has the scarf (very Doc Holiday). The bassist, I tend to over look because well..... he's the bassist, but hey, that's cool. Nothing against bassists, Jah Wobble was practically the X factor on Second Edition. Then there is Juanita, usually in black, but not in a depressed gothic stupid way. She looks so classy and graceful. Now we know this band has some exciting music as well as a cool image. There is something that makes them stand out a little more. I love Miss Stein's lyrics so so so so so much. So many images come to mind, and the phrase "low happening" is a new favorite. I kid you not, if she were keen to me, I would convert to Judaism ( I assume she is with a name like Stein) and move to Australia. I don't think there is a person with a more angelic face. I could on and on about The Bells and how much I love them as well my love for Juanita Stein. Good people, good lyrics, good music, good image, cool as fuck, and the loveliest woman in the world as their singer. I love the Howlling Bells.

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