Thursday, January 4, 2007

Like Sand in My Mouth

The begining of any year seems so promising and exciting with music. There is always so much to look forward to. Yet, the month of January is the worst month in terms of music. After New Year's Eve there is always an empty feeling inside me. It is always very anti-climatic. The countdown happens and fireworks go all over, but then, it's over. You wake up with a headache, and your town is like a ghost town the next day because everyone stays inside. This same feeling comes to me with music. People usually have to wait till Febuary or sometimes late late January like this year(Good, Bad, and the Queen) for a good album. Record lables throw out the leftovers in the begining of the year, and nothing exciting comes out. There is nothing going on with bands. They are either recording and just sitting around. No tours, no singles, and no albums. Just silence. Yet, when the silence is broken, it is for something very mediocre. So during this time, I'll just sit around listening to Eno's ambient works or dark dupstep to go allowing with this feeling inside of me, or read my Anthony Bourdain food and travel book to keep my mind wandering for far away lands where the sun is shining. One will just have to wait for sun to come out along with music. It's kind of like that Belle and Sebastian song "Legal Man" that says, "Get out of the city and into the sunshine/Get out of the office and into the sunshine."

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