Saturday, January 20, 2007

What I'm diggin on

What I’m really feeling right now is Nick Cave’s new band’s (Grinderman) single called “Get it On.” Age certainly hasn’t worn that man’s talent down at all. When it comes to Rock music, the kind that gets me the most is the kind that sound as if it is coming form the devil’s howl. Nick Cave always seems to pull that one off, really damn well actually. I urge anyone to check Grinderman out. Their other song “No Pussy Blues” is ferocious as well.

Another new band to keep on radar would be DFA new comers Prinzhorn Dance School. They remind of me a lot of The Fall. Of course a lot of bands seem to really like The Fall, but these guys are all right. And if James Murphy chose them to be on the label you know there has to be something about them. If there is one thing James Murphy has, it’s taste as we all know if you listen to the bands he spouts off in “Losing My Edge.” Listen to Prinzhorn’s “You Are the Space Invader.” Catchy tune, very British, with a chick back up singer. What else could you ask for?

The Good, The Bad, and The Queen comes up Monday for UK and Tuesday for US. I urge everyone to get that for obvious reasons. Damon Albarn, you might could say, has some serious talent, talent on genius levels. He is up there with my musicians who can’t make bad music: Radiohead, The Fall, PJ Harvey, James Murphy (I know it’s early, but still…), and Kraftwerk.

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