Friday, January 26, 2007

Nu Rave? Now can't we think of something better?

First off, I want to voice my concern over the band The Klaxons, the supposed fathers of “Nu Rave.” Now, first thing, they are not at all close to Rave music. Their songs don’t make one recall back to times of Prodigy’s songs like “Poison” or “Voodoo People.” I don’t hear any heavy breaks or pounding 4/4 rhythms. When I hear The Klaxons I hear a very watered down version of early Liars. This is a band that I wish I could like. Great music writer Simon Reynolds seems to really dig them, and I usually agree with his opinions on things. But, this is something I cannot. I hate when magazine like NME coin genres for bands that sound no different from the genre they created a week earlier. If they really want to hear dance music in the “indie” world, again, just put James Murphy on the cover. I really do talk about him a lot, but there is a reason. I just wish people would stop wasting their time with bands like The Klaxons and focus all their attention on bands like………………..

THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE QUEEN. Now there is a lot of attention on Damon and the boys, but he needs the whole world’s in my opinion. This album is utterly moving and ghostly. When Think Tank came out, some were calling it Darklife. Now if there is a Darklife it is this album. For me, it gives that same image and emotion that comes off on albums like Burial. Images of Regents Canal at two in the morning on a foggy evening come to mind. This is the album of London when no one is one the streets except for the midnight marauders. Damon has never been such at the top of his game. His melodies are just a beautiful as ever, and his voice still sends shivers up my spine. Simon Tong’s guitar moves in and out within the song creating a moving abstract undertone. Simonon returns with bass lines that hit the right spots reaching all the way down to your gut. Allen, when around, proves to be the innovator he is with complex rhythms yet still complimenting to the melodies that Albarn plays so sweetly. I feel when I write about Albarn and his projects, my thoughts or writings can never do the justice it deserves. When I see Oasis on covers, I still get upset because I know how important Albarn is to modern music. The man is four steps in front of everyone. He has ideas bigger than anyone in his generation except for maybe Greernwood and Yorke. All I can say is that this album is real gem. There are albums that come every year that are very good and you certainly enjoy, but only do few like this come around that you embrace so much and love so dearly.

I’m going to make this one quick. The Shin’s new album is superb. The production is top notch. Mercer hasn’t lost anything. The song "Red Rabbits" is too beautiful. Just buy it!

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