Sunday, March 4, 2007

Lost Films, Part Two

Casting tawdriness aside for the moment, I'd like to call your attention to this site, a veritable goldmine of information on bizarre films from the 70's. Many of these masterpieces are lost, sadly enough. Don't you wish that you lived in a world where movies with titles like Work is a Four Letter Word, Black Rodeo, Emperor Tomato Ketchup, Son of Heatwave, and Acid Mantra were readily available at your local Blockbuster? Or Videodrome, as the case may be if you're lucky enough to live in the ATL.

Of all these lost artifacts from the 70's, the one I'm most curious about is Son of Heatwave. The chap at Pimpadelic Wonderland is kind enough to describe the plot:

Jesus returns to earth and performs various miracles (tearing up a speeding ticket; giving a young woman large breasts, leaving everyone with an ecstatic smile on their face). Later he's confronted in the ghetto with comments like "If you really loved those kids, you'd turn them white!" After granting their wish he's immediately chased down the street by an angry mob and escapes by running across a swimming pool as the mob falls in the water. Eventually, a bunch of rednecks nail Jesus to a giant peace symbol and set him on fire. In the end, a bruised and bloodied Jesus grabs a machine gun and declares, "OK, no more Mr. Nice Guy!"
This is fast becoming a series of posts about Lost Films involving Jesus. I promise the third installment will cover a Jesus-free movie; but it IS the Lenten season, after all.
I think I said something at the beginning of this post about leaving tawdriness aside.

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