Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Some More Top 5's

Top 5 Screams of All Time
1. Colin Newman at the end of Wire's "Reuters" (thanks to M. Catalogues for reminding me)
2. Exene Cervenka's rising "Get ooooooooOOOOOOUT!" just before the first chorus in X's "Los Angeles"
3. James Dean Bradfield crying "I AM just a fashion accessooorrryyy!!!" in the Manics' "La Tristessa Durera"
4. John Lydon at the end of "Death Disco"
5. Kurt Cobain building to a mad frenzy in "Negative Creep"

Top Five Moments in a song by the Fall
1. The moment "Totally Wired" REALLY picks up ("can't you see?")
2. That lilting piano in "It's a Curse"
3. That same moment in "Telephone Thing" that Monsieur Catalogues mentioned.
4. The chorus in "Theme from Sparta F.C."
5. The climax of "Touch Sensitive"
Honorable Mentions: all of "Dead Beat Descendant," the chorus in "Squid Lord" where the drums stop and Mark's voices echoes beautifully against Brix's descending guitar riff, the "walk to work" part of "Hey, Student!"

Top Five Songs about life in 80's Britain
1. XTC- "Respectable Street"
2. The Smiths- "The Queen is Dead"
3. The Jam- "That's Entertainment"
4. The Waterboys- "Old England"
5. XTC- "King for a Day"
Honorable Mentions: "Ball and Chain" by XTC; "Spoilt Victorian Child" by the Fall; "No Thugs in Our House" by XTC (they might well have been the finest observers)

Top Five Bass Players
1. Paul Simonon (melodic and inventive, his basslines serve the songs well but don't merely follow the guitar)
2. Jah Wobble (the King)
3. Adam Clayton (the long-time secret ingredient in U2; listen to "Lemon" or "Zoo Station" or even "Where the Streets Have No Name" and tell me he's not essential to their sound)
4. Colin Greenwood (subtle and magnificent)
5. Alex James (like Adam Clayton, he's the secret essential ingredient and very underrated)

Top Five Spring/Summer Songs
1. Tie: "Squid Lord" and "Dead Beat Descendant" by the Fall
2. "She Bangs the Drums" by the Stone Roses
3. "Babies" by Pulp
4. "Radioactivity" by Kraftwerk, The Mix version
5. "Six Days" by DJ Shadow (it was quite fun to listen to that while watching CNN last July)

Top Five Most Badassssssssss MCs
1. Rakim
2. Mos Def
3. Nas
4. GZA
5. Most of the rest of the Wu-Tang Clan

Top Five Spring/Summer Albums
1. Tie: Anything by the Fall/ London Calling and Sandinista! by the Clash
2. Anything Damon Albarn commits to magnetic tape/ Doolittle and Bossnova by the Pixies
3. Pills Thrills n' Bellyaches
4. Since I Left You by the Avalanches
5. The La's

Top Five Soundtracks for future Baz Luhrmann Shakespeare film adaptations
1. Hamlet: "Transmission," "She's Lost Control" and "Atmosphere" by Joy Division; "The Cutter" by Echo and the Bunnymen; "It's a Curse" by the Fall; "Karma Police" and "Everything in its Right Place" by Radiohead; "Bad," "Staring at the Sun, " and "Wake Up Dead Man" by U2; "Blessed Night" by the Howling Bells
2. Macbeth: "The Fly" by U2; "Faster" by the Manics; "The Bell-Hit," "Low Happening," and "Across the Avenue" by the Howling Bells; "Love is an Unfamiliar Name" by the Duke Spirit; "Down by the Water" by PJ Harvey anything by Sons and Daughters of course
3. Henry IV, Parts I and II would have to be an all-English soundtrack: the Kinks, the Stones, Kate Bush, the Sex Pistols, the Clash, the Jam, XTC, the Smiths, Blur, the Libertines, etc.
4. Othello: lots of dreamlike but vaguely sinister trip-hop stuff, Massive Attack and Portishead and the like.
5. The Tempest: "The Killing Moon" undoubtedly, and lots of ethereal stuff: Kate Bush, Jason Pierce, Radiohead, and so forth...

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