Friday, March 9, 2007

Those mid/late 90s and Hype Williams

Remember those days. All man, MO MONEY Mo Problems. Oh, I laugh so much thinking about it. See, to me, those were the days when I first really started watching MTV. Remember those overblown Hype Wiliams's videos with flashy things. Missy Elliot, Puff Daddy, and Busta Rhymes seemed to be everywhere. Elliot and Rhymes were entertaining at least. But damn! I was doing some rethinking a whatnot, and it hit me. First, Timbaland is a really good producer. But we all know that one. Second, I used to really not like this song but now, I think it is so damn good. It is actually amazing how famous it was, considering the minimalism of the track. Here you guys go. Relive those days when Carson Daly was just a VJ and just that.

And here's Busta

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